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An introduction to the core concepts of microfrontends with single-spa

Microfrontend Fundamentals
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Microfrontend Fundamentals

Single-Spa Workshop
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This course walks through introductory code examples that explain core concepts of microfrontends with single-spa.

Fundamentals targets individual contributors who want to see and modify code.

Included are 2.5 hours of exclusive video content, access to a workshop code repository with 8 coding exercises, and an invitation to the #workshop-fundamentals Slack channel.

1- Course Intro 2- Your first application 3- UI Frameworks 4- Root config 5- Routing 6- CSS 7- Layout 8- Shared dependencies 9- Sharing components, logic, and state 10- Local development 11- CLI

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Microfrontend Fundamentals

Single-Spa Workshop

Single spa is an open source community dedicated to bringing microservices to the frontend. It holds the name of the micro-frontends framework authored 5 years ago by Joel Denning. Since then, the Single spa team has implemented microfrontends with dozens of companies.

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